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  • "Idk my parents didnt kiss or anything in front of me either till recently actually and Im 23. But they live apart now till my dad retires (t..."
    "I've been thinking guys are just dicks for a while now :/ For some reason I still keep liking them though xD"
    "Tell me why every time I ask out a guy or tell him I like him why does the guy get all weird and avoid me. Like just tell me you dont feel t..."
  • What grade are you guys in?
    "If I was in school itd be 17th grade xD"
    "I mean kind of a good thing? Thanks?"
  • "XD"
  • "Is so ugly? I think her face is kinda cute."
    "I FORGOT HOW TO TALK TO GUYS. XD I used to be so slick I had all these "honeys" as my friend called em. Now its t"
  • "I wish I had this problem!"
  • My moms judgement
    "I was just remembering old friends. There were these 18 yr old guys I hung out with for a while when I was 16 and my mom haaaated it. She'd ..."
  • Reccuring dreams?
    "Anyone have recurring dreams or themes/places that are in lots of your dreams? I used to get nightmares where my teeth were fal"
  • Does this happen to others?
    "yeah :,( ugh so frustrated this suuuuuper gorgeous guy I work with was trying to talk to me for a while till I decided I really"
  • O
  • I need advice
    "you're so young calm down xD"
  • Does this happen to others?
    "Yeah it confuses me soo much xP"

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