a bunch of questions

yup you can take this quiz and try to get the right answer. then you should be able to see the correct answers when you're done. then ask you're friends and family

and show them how smart you are. then go on a game show and win when they ask you one of these questions. yay!!! you could win one million dollars!! wow!

Created by: coolme3

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  1. what is a tittle?
  2. what is the hole where you put a pencil in a pencilsharpener called?
  3. what are aglets?
  4. which of these is an imaginary number?
  5. why is a mouse when it runs in circles? (or: why is a mouse when it spins?)
  6. a kid on a beach had 6 sandpiles in one place and 3 sandpiles in another place. if he put them all together, how many sandpiles would he have?
  7. on a plum tree there is a trunk with 24 branches, each with 12 off of that, each has 6 twigs, and each twig has one fruit. how many apples are on the tree?
  8. what's the capital of saskatchiquan? (fuch I definately spelled that wrong) sorry I dunno how to spell sask. but it's a providence in Canada.
  9. Bob has the same amount of money as Fred, and Fred has the same amount of money as Steve. what math reason proves that Bob has the same amount of money as Steve?
  10. pick the third choice

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