Do you make good choices or not?

READ THE SECOND PARAGRAPH PLEASE BUT YOU CAN READ THIS ONE IF YOU WANT TO! Okay, this quiz is to see if you make good choices. I know that there are a bunch of questions I should've added, but I didn't want my quiz to be too long. So PLEASE PLEASE read the next paragraph, please!

PLEASE READ THIS!! READ READ!! PLEASE PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!! Okay, I REALLY want you to comment if you take this quiz! I've made a bunch of quizzes, but I've only gotten like one comment per quiz. I want to hear your advice for how to make a better quiz and/or if I made a mistake. I would also like it if you told me what question(s) I should have added to this. You can be as critical as you want, I just ask you to not swear. And also, join STN! (Stop Teddy Now.) Please don't post that message on my quiz! Okay, thank for reading this! :D You're like my best friend now!

Created by: tomboy9876

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  1. You're teacher says you haven't fulfilled your extracurricular requirements. The end of school is in two months. When do you sign up?
  2. You and your friend have been planning to have spa days over this weekend for a month, but the teacher says you have a big test on monday for a fourth of your grade. This spa is very exclusive and hard to get into to. Your friend doesn't care for a good grade and badly wants to go with you. What do you do?
  3. You want this adorable pair of shoes(or a skateboard for guys), but your mom gave you money for a textbook you need in math. Which do you buy?
  4. Who would you pick as your spouse?
  5. What do you usually eat for a snack?
  6. You become overweight. What do you do?
  7. You're church needs more volunteers for a cookie sale. Do you join?
  8. What's your grade point average?
  9. Are you planning to go to college?
  10. You're friend invites you to a party, but you're hesitant because there is going to be alcohol and you're underage. Do you go?
  11. What age are you planning to get your own house or apartment?
  12. What do you plan to be when you're older?
  13. Do you think you make good choices?

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Quiz topic: Do I make good choices or not?