Are You Sabatoging Your Health?

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Everyone thinks they are healthy. When you ask the average person how they would rate their health factor they will invariable put their score pretty high. But yet we have an overwhelming number of overweight, sick and diseased people living with us or around us. So how can everyone be as healthy as they claim?

So how healthy are YOU... REALLY? Do you make good choices for yourself and your family? Do you fall into the no-fat trap? Are you a victim of saavy marketing when it comes to buying food at the grocery store? Take this quiz, be honest with yourself, and find out if You Are Sabatoging Your health!!

Created by: Stacey Kelly

  1. What kind of water do you drink?
  2. My typical breakfast is:
  3. I typically eat:
  4. I skip meals
  5. The healthiest option from below is:
  6. I exercise:
  7. I read labels on packaged food:
  8. I would buy a product that is advertised as "All Natural":
  9. I smoke
  10. I eat at fast food restaurants, for any meal:
  11. I know what GMO stands for:
  12. I avoid eating any Genetically Modified Foods:
  13. I drink soda (diet or sweetened)
  14. When shopping for food I look for non-fat or low-fat options:
  15. I read labels for sugar content
  16. I avoid all carbohydrates because they are all "bad" for you
  17. I eat green leafy vegetables at least 2 times per day
  18. I eat processed food:

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Quiz topic: Am I Sabatoging my Health?