How likely are you to die soon?

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Your lifestyle and living environment are the keys to living a long life. The choices you make in life can usually accurately tell your lifespan. The average person lives into at least their seventies, but is the way you are living now causing you to shorten your lifespan?

DISCLAIMER: If you are too young to do some of the activities in this quiz (such as driving, smoking and drinking), try to imagine your future self and the choices you would make. This quiz does not take into account any freak accidents and assumes that there will not be any surprise complications to your health.

Created by: lusty

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  1. How often do you (or will you) drive?
  2. How is your driving (if you don't drive yet, how do you think you will drive)?
  3. How often do you (or will you) smoke cigarettes or other forms of tobacco?
  4. How often do you (or will you) drink alcohol?
  5. Have you (or do you think you will) ever drink and drive?
  6. To which social class do you think you belong to?
  7. Select the highest level of education you have, or the highest level you plan on getting.
  8. Do any inheritable diseases run in your family?
  9. How conscious are you of your health?
  10. How often do you exercise?
  11. How healthy is your diet?
  12. Finally, how often are you happy with life?

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Quiz topic: How likely am I to die soon?