How much is your life worth living?

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People often wonder exactly how much their life is worth living. It's not uncommon to wonder that, actually. Many people tend to ask themselves that question at some point or another, and it's a completely normal thing to think about.

If you're taking this quiz, chances are you're wondering exactly that. Well look no further! I, the great Elise, shall assist you in finding out just how much your life is truly worth! The outcome might surprise you~

Created by: Elise
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  1. Are you happy with your life right now?
  2. How many things in life really give you a reason to live?
  3. What would your first reaction be if those things were taken away?
  4. How is your relationship with your family?
  5. How much do you trust your friends?
  6. How do you spend your spare time?
  7. Do you honestly believe you will have a bright future?
  8. What word do you think best describes you?
  9. What is your opinion on life?
  10. If you were going to die in exactly one day, how would you spend your last day alive?
  11. How well do you think you did on this test?

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Quiz topic: How much is my life worth living?