Spanish vocab first two sections

There are many disgraces in this world. You need to prove that you are not one of them. By taking this quiz, you will be able to tell if you can go on living without feeling bad the rest of your life.

This quiz will in fact be boring, but it will be worth it to know whether you are a disgrace to your family and life or not. This is a quiz on spanish.

Created by: Joseph
  1. What does cerca mean
  2. what does lejos mean?
  3. what does vivir mean?
  4. What does apartmento mean
  5. What does bano with an n a ene.
  6. What does cocina mean?
  7. What does comedor mean?
  8. What does cuarto mean?
  9. what does despacho mean?
  10. What does escalera mean?
  11. What does garaje mean?
  12. What does piso mean?
  13. What does Planta baja mean?
  14. What does primer piso mean
  15. What does sala mean?
  16. What does segundo piso mean?
  17. What does sotano mean?

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