Honers English 9 TKAM vocab.

These are just the ones that are the hardest for me. I would strongly suggest studying more than just this :D 28 questions...or something like that!

Well...That is all I need to say, but I am being forced to type more instead of studying! :P I hope you do well on your vocab test! Good luck! !!!

Created by: coconinama
  1. What is Foray?
  2. What is Entailment?
  3. Predilection?
  4. Auspicious?
  5. Pestilence?
  6. Edification?
  7. Taciturn?
  8. Acquiesce?
  9. Lineament?
  10. Philippic?
  11. Palliation?
  12. Umbrage?
  13. Succinct?
  14. Litigant?
  15. Corroborate?
  16. Acrimonious?
  17. Mollify?
  18. Habiliments?
  19. Temerity?
  20. Sordid?
  21. Providence?
  22. Obstreperous?
  23. Interdict?
  24. Subpoena?
  25. Venerable?
  26. Carnal?
  27. Tirade?
  28. Viscous?
  29. CHALLENGE(kinda):What flowers freaze when Boo Radley breathes on them?

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