The vocab test **

Here is the hardest test you will take in your entire life! introducing The Vocab Test. Ok maybe it's not that hard but this is to test your Vocabulary. And yes I did say Vocab in the title and NOT Vocabulary (Don't judge me)it was just too long (well I thought so) And one more thing; no I do not have multiple personality's (yeah just one extra she carries around in her purse)

Anyway, this test may possibly crush your self confidence (Ok, maybe not but it sounds way cooler that way) anyway enjoy my test. I'll see you on the other side (If you survive). And no cheating!!! (I'm warning you, you do NOT want to cheat! Cheating is bad)look at me being a good influence.

Created by: Dr whovian
  1. (Easy)What is a dog
  2. medium what does the word BEFUDDLED mean?
  3. (harder) What is another word that means "Sorry"
  4. (medium)What is the meaning of the word "Preposterous"?
  5. which three words means dislike?
  6. (hard) what's another word for Sneaky?
  7. (Difficult) What is the definition of "Irksome"?
  8. What is the definition of the word "verbigeration" ?
  9. (Easy) What is "Tea"?
  10. Did you enjoy my test? (click a vocab word and you might get a higher score)
  11. Will you rate my test (click the large word and you will get a higher score)

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