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  • Would you rather?
    "Logan Lerman (only because we're closer in age) painting or poster?"
  • "So many! but ill just say a couple -a fault in our stars by john green -the rose labrynth"
  • "im also working on a series called 'Hogwarts Romance' please check it out if u like that stuff!"
  • "natuhleegale: hogwarts love story, one direction love story, life in the hunger games. her stuff is AMAZING!!!!"
  • Book recommendations
    "The Tapestry series Legend The Missing series H.I.V.E series Lord of the rings series (for fantasy, its kinda bo"
  • "sounds pretty cool..."
  • Would you rather?
    "lose all intelligence. it would e terrible not to feel anything! only celebrate Halloween or only celebrate Thanksgiving?"

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