would you fit into my group?

would you fit into my group?would you be my friend? see if you would with this quick quiz!my friends are a little crazy, but also very nice and caring

so take this quiz and see if you would be my friend!!!i hope you like this quiz and that you have a lot of fun taking it! please comment and rate!!!!!

Created by: coconinama

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  1. are you popular at your school?
  2. are you an outcast at your school?
  3. do people at your school think you are weird/crazy?
  4. do you wear fashionable clothes?
  5. do you like the beetles?
  6. do all of your friends dress the same and act the same most of the time?
  7. are you a neat freak?
  8. would you meet your friends in the same place every day?
  9. do you play an instrument or sing in a choir?
  10. do you have a pet
  11. do you love animals?
  12. would you help found an animal/wild life foundation?

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