Which Friend Are You In The Group?

Hello! This quiz is to see which friend you are! Maybe your the honest one or the nice one.. Well take this quiz to find out!!! You can skip next paragraph ^O^

Thanks for taking this quiz! After you're done hit submit to get your results! Please rate and comment! Okayyyyy uhhmmmmm byeeee! Blah blah cow goes barkkk k.

Created by: _StarryEyedGirl_
  1. Do your friends usually come to you for advice?
  2. Do you know what fashion is trending and always wearing what's "in"?
  3. Do you love sports?
  4. If you're best friend gave you a dress that you hate to wear to your birthday party, what would you do?
  5. Are you usually the one to host the parties?
  6. Do you believe you should ALWAYS be honest?
  7. How do you spend you're free time?
  8. What's a "good day" to you?
  9. What quote do you go by?
  10. Will you rate?
  11. Comment?

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Quiz topic: Which Friend am I In The Group?