Tales of Greek Goddesses

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Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. Which river in Hades do the gods swear by?
  2. The draconian rule of Creon resulted in the death of which of his nieces?
  3. What was the choice of Achilles according to Thetis?
  4. When Achilles went apart to pray to his mother, where did he go?
  5. In the State Ship of Athens, Theseus sailed to Crete and slew which monster?
  6. Who is the Muse of Comedy?
  7. According to Hesiod, who is the mother of both the Fates and Ate, the goddess of destruction?
  8. Laertes paid how much for his son's nanny Eurykleia?
  9. Which goddess does Homer invoke at the beginning of the Iliad?
  10. Which virgin daughter of Zeus bears the aegis?

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