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  • .Soap.
    "Hunter spins around to face Bella, trying to hide the fear that is consuming him. "What?""
  • ~Freedom is cocaine
    "I may be switching over to a new account but I'll still reply on our roleplay...I'll go reply now actually."
  • ~Freedom is cocaine
    "Hello DLG!"
  • ~Freedom is cocaine
    "I invited my boyfriend to join my youth group and have gotten no reply ;-; - How is everyone?"
  • "I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Mike Posner"
  • "Run away and go to Taco Bell"
  • .Soap.
    "Hunter strides across the room to her and presses his warm lips to hers before pulling away. "Goodbye" he says softly. Hunter turns around a..."
  • .Soap.
    "Lol sorry for my late reply. Dealing with some s--- rn) Hunter studies her face. "My actions are punishable by death. I'd rather die "
  • .Soap.
    ""Nevermind that.." Hunter replies. "But I have to go..the tribe will kill me for not completing my mission.""
  • ~Freedom is cocaine
    "Theswag - Interesting..o.o"
  • ~Freedom is cocaine
    "Just got back from youth group at church, it was fun. I swear one kid was like a Garrett Gustin lookalike. I know nothing about Garrett Gust..."
  • "Myself :3"
  • "Slap you (no offense ello)"
  • I like her
    "Try asking your friend if he's okay with you asking this girl out."
  • Any advice?
    "So a guy at my school told me he liked me and truth be told I really like him too. So we've been hanging out for a few weeks and texting bac..."

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