Love or Hate? - Part 3

Hi! Welcome to part 3 of Love or Hate. If you haven't read parts one and two you might wanna go read those... I hope you enjoy part 3! Don't forget to rate and comment. Read next introduction paragraph for a recap :3

Heres a little recap. So you wake up in a strange house and Sam and Dylan are there. They tell you you have powers and Dylan shows you around! I ended part 2 right when Sam was gonna explain things ):3 Don't forget to rate and comment!

Created by: ThatWeirdChic
  1. *SAMS POV* "Grace your not like ordinary people. Neither are we, We're super natural you could say." I start, "You got your powers at 18 as most of us do. Our job is to protect all those ordinary people." She tilts her head and after a moment asks, "From who?" Argh. This is the hard part. "From your fathers army. The Infernals. Ever noticed how your dads NEVER home?" I say "This is why. He's been the bad guy all along." Anger flashes in her eyes as she tries to keep calm. "What about my mother? Was she super natural before she died in that plane crash?" she asks angrily. "Your mother never died Grace" Dylan speaks up, "When your mother wanted to use her powers for good your father locked her up. That was when you were 13. We don't know what's happened to her since."
  2. *GRACE'S POV* So here I am learning that my father wants to take over the whole freaking world and my mother might still be alive. I hear the door slam and I turn around, Now that I think about it I haven't seen Nick. "This is great and all but I think I need to go outside to take all this in." I tell the guys. I see them exchange looks and I head outside. After walking a little ways I see Nick sitting on the ground picking at a flower in his hand. "Hi" I say. He doesn't answer, just stares straight ahead no emotion on his face. "We're not as different as you think." I tell him, his eyes flicker to me for a moment then he looks away.'"Sorry about your mom." he says quietly. I look at him, "And im sorry about whatever it is thats haunting you." I say. He clears his throat then speaks louder, "People like us, we see the world differently. Like looking at it with a new filter each day." I nod in agreement and scoot a little closer. I see him tense up and after a moment he relaxes again. "What's your story?" I ask curiously. "Maybe i'll tell you a different day." he mutters. I look up at the clouds in silence, "My little sister would do that. Look at the clouds I mean. We'd try to find shapes." he tells me. I smile and we lay down beside each other staring at the clouds, and finding shapes.
  3. *NICKS POV* I look over at this girl beside me. Her hair flows in the wind and her smile lights up her whole face. It's like she brings back all my good memories. "That one looks like a elephant!" she says suddenly. I look up to where she's pointing and laugh, "Well now it looks like an alien!" I say. She stares at me then breaks out into a smile, "I made you laugh!" she says gleefully. I give her a slight smile. For the first time in a long time I truly feel happy. And its all because of this girl I just met.
  4. After a while Grace and I head inside, I can feel the guys staring at me but I don't care. I quickly head to my room and slam the door. I go to my mirror to fix my hair when I hear a gun go off and a bullet bounce off my back. I whip around as a Infernal crashes through my window. I fling my hand out and absorb the energy from the lamp to form a ball. I throw it towards the Infernal and he crashes into the wall, the electricity shocking him. I walk over and kick him in the ribs until he starts coughing up blood. I grab him by the shirt and shove him against the wall. "Please" he sputters "Let me live. I won't hurt you!" he pleads. I see Grace out of the corner of my eye and I let the guy go. He flies out the window and I turn around, "Are you okay!?" Grace asks. I wasn't used to someone caring about me, "Uhm yeah." I answer. My room is destroyed though and I doubt the guys would share theirs. Could I sleep on your floor tonight?" I ask. She nods and I give her a small smile.
  5. -----*Time forward* Im sleeping on the floor and its freezing, it must be frickin 0 degrees! I think Grace notices because she says "You can come sleep on the left side of the bed." I get up and smile at her gratefully. We lay there in silence and I look at her for a moment. "Can I try something?" she asks. "Sure" I reply. "Close your eyes!" I close my eyes and I feel her cool breath on my face, Her lips softly kiss mine and I can't help but kiss back, It's like my frozen heart finally melted. She breaks away and smiles, Her angelic face close to mine. "Grace Taylors. You melted my frozen heart." I tell her. She snuggles up to my chest and I hold her like that all night.
  6. I wake up in the morning and look down at Grace. Dang she looks cute when she sleeps. I get out of the bed slowly, "Where are you going?" she mumbles sleepily. I give her a quick kiss and she smiles, "Just going to make breakfast" I assure her but she's already fallen back asleep. I head downstairs and run into Dylan, "Where'd you sleep?" he glares at me. "On the floor" I answer coolly, Which was partially true. I know he doesn't believe me but he doesn't ask any more questions. "I need you to train Grace today. Her powers are even more powerful than her fathers." he tells me. Oh yeah. Training.
  7. Cliffhanger! Hope you enjoyed Part 3! Sorry it was a little short :3 Pleeaaseee comment and rate! x3
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  9. Part 4 will be out soon!
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