The Summer I Found Love 5

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sorry it took me so long to get this part out but I'm going to try to get more parts out sooner so read the first question for a recap of part 4 since it's been a while

read question 12 I don't feel like retyping and almost no one reads these paragraph and I hate having to type 150 words right after I work hard on a quiz

Created by: mcqueen

  1. Recap: You go on a date with omar, he takes you on a romantic boat ride followed by a picnic in the woods. He kiss you then you both part ways
  2. Then you feel like someone is following you. And you instinctively walk faster hoping to escape their sites sights. When suddenly everything goes black, but you quickly realized that you've been blindfolded. By this time the stranger had already carried you to a car and put you in. You're scared and curious, So many questions are running through you mind. Like what, who, why before you can figure it out the car suddenly stops. The stranger pulls you out and carries you to some unknown location before they put you down.
  3. Then you're being unblind folded and the first thing you see is that you're in a enchanting looking forest that is covered in lights. You finally gather the courage to see who the stranger is and to your utter surprise it's Omar holding the most perfect rose you have ever seen. He hands it to you and says "it's not as lovely as you".
  4. You blush and thank him after that you begin to question him about everything. To which he calmly replies "to me you're always a princess, but tonight you're a queen". You respond with more blushing and a huge grin he then takes your hand, looks deep into your _____ colored eyes, and asks "would the most beautiful girl in the world honor me with a dance?" "why of course".
  5. You both begin to slow dance looking into each other's eyes like you're the only two on the face of the earth. Next thing you know you're kissing him, it's so sweet and gentle. That in that moment you knew he had nothing but the purest love for you.
  6. And that he would never love anyone but you, you both pull away and he rest his forehead on yours. "I thought this summer would be like any other, but this summer I found love".
  7. After two hours of enchantment Omar is dropping you off in front of your house. Being ever the gentleman he opened the car door for you and walked you to the front door.
  8. "Goodnight princess" he kisses you on the cheek and leaves. You go to your room and reflect on the last few days and try to figure out which guy you like the most. Who is he?
  9. Post a comment about how you want to go an a date with next time. Feel free to add some ideas
  10. Do to the lack of readers and inspiration. I may wrap up this series very soon. This maybe the last series I ever post on this site

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