Epic Summer Part Sixteen: Smoke

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Welcome to Part Sixteen: Smoke! In this episode, you've escaped Bill, and read the envelope you found in the cabin. At first, you are confused by what you read. But when Bill calls a camp meeting, it becomes clear...

Recap: So in Part Fifteen, you followed Bill into the burned cabin, who was mysteriously trying to destroy a series of envelopes. Even though you managed to swipe an envelope, he caught you. He didn't see your face, however.

Created by: James Bond

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  1. Sup everyone. Another special!
  2. You don't stop running from Bill, even though he's long gone, until you get into your room door. You slam it shut, breathless. Eyes still wide, you remember something: You have one of the envelopes in your pocket. Do you open it?
  3. You grab your flashlight and throw the covers over your head, the envelope in your shaking hands. Ripping it open, it seems to be a letter... Written by Bill, seeming to be addressed to himself. "I can't take it. It's eating away at me. I'm not proud of it. I know I didn't have a choice, they said so." They? Who's they? And they, whoever they are, said what? you continue "Someone will catch on eventually. But until then, I'll fix whoever tries to get in my way... Addressed with guilt, Bill..." What the? Huh, that's odd. Thoughts?
  4. You wake up the next morning, letter still in hand. You realize that Isiah is nudging you to wake up. "Hey Man. Wake up. The bell is ringing for us to go to the mess hall. And it's too early for breakfast." The bell? Huh, that's strange. It hasn't been long enough for another weekly game. What do you do?
  5. You and your friends curiously make it down to the mess hall. When the entire camp gets there, you all find Bill, standing on the stage. His eyes are bloodshot, it's obvious that he didn't sleep after what happened last night. You all sit under him, eyes looking up at him, curious. "Somebody broke into the forbidden cabin last night..." Bill rasps, a deathly stare eying out every one of you. Some kids gasp in surprise that anyone would ever go in there. "They took something of mine. A small white envelope. Something... Important.... Was in there. Whoever you are, I ant you to come forward. Come on, don't be shy." Ok, this doesn't look good. Do you confess?
  6. Nobody moves. Bill waits for about a minute. Then, it's obvious he's had it. He picks up one of the chairs on stage, roars with pure anger, and hurls it with all his strength into the wall, causing a massive hole. Some kids scream in fear. "WHO WAS IT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" Bill explodes. "I'LL FREAKING KILL YOU! COME OUT, YOU LITTLE BRAT! I KNOW YOU'RE HERE SOMEWHERE!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?! I'M GONNA GIVE YOU TILL THREE. ONE. TWO. THREE!!!!!!!!" The other kids cringe in fear, you especially. That does it. Bill leaps offstage, and lands on his feet with a boom. He roars another cry of rage. He gets in a five year-old kid's face. "YOU?! WAS IT YOU?!?! SPEAK UP!!!!!!!" The kid begins bawling his head off as he shakes his head. Bill moves to the next kid. "HOW BOUT YOU?!?! DID YOU DO IT?!?!?!" Once again, the same reaction. Bill moves to the next kid. Then the next. He's going down the line. After the seventh kid, he gets to you. "AHA! I REMEMBER YOU!!! YOU'RE THAT ONE KID THAT WENT IN THERE A COUPLE WEEKS AGO!!!!!! OH, SO YOU PROBABLY DID IT THEN, RIGHT?!?!?!?!?" ... This guy is insane... What do you do?
  7. "IT WASN'T ME, BILL!!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!" You shout back. He stops. For a second, he looks like he's about to rip your heart out for showing him up. Instead, he bulldozes through the crowd of kids, out of the mess hall. Thoughts?
  8. All of the kids flee back to their cabins, in fear that Bill may come back with a shotgun or something. You, Sean, Michael, and Isiah all whisper about what just happened. "Well, he's finally gone off his rocker..." Michael says, shook up. "Yeah man... What was all that about an envelope?" Sean asks. Maybe it would be best to tell them about it. Right?
  9. "I think I may know something about that..." you say softly. "How's that then?" Isiah asks. You reluctantly take the letter out from under your pillow, and hand it to Sean. "I found Bill trying to destroy an envelope over at the burned cabin. I took it, and he caught me, but didn't see me. That letter was in it... Apparently it means a lot to him or something..." Sean reads the letter over. He looks puzzled for a moment. Then, his eyes grow wide with sudden realization. "What?" you ask. "Sam?" Sean calls in a quivering voice. Their door creaks open across the hall, and Sam peaks his head out. "Yeah bro?" Sam asks. "Can you come in here for a second?" Sean asks, still shaking. Sam enters your room. "What's wrong?" he asks. "Sam... Is your dad much of a smoker...?" This quiz is to be continued :P.
  10. I realize that this was a short special, but it was VERY important :)
  11. Good luck in part Seventeen... BROFIST

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