Epic Summer Part Six

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Welcome to Part Six! This is the last episode of your first day of camp, the rest will be future days. On the way to your cabin, you meet yet another obstacle...

Recap: So in Part Five, you learned more about the mysterious burned down cabin in the woods, and that it was caused by a tiny cigarette from one of the kids.

Created by: James Bond

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  1. You, Sam, and Bone all walk through the camp forest that must be passed to get to your cabins. If it weren't at camp, the forest would seem somewhat creepy (As seen in the quiz picture). You spot Quinn in the distance, who waves and joins the three of you, making it a crowd of four. Continuing your walk, you come by a familiar face- Brian. What do you do?
  2. Walking quietly past didn't work. Brian spots you, and is now walking towards you, with his 3 friends in tow. "Later guys," Bone whispers, and scurries down the forest path. Sam and Quinn think they have an idea of what's about to happen. "Sam, leave, I don't have a problem with you," Brian grunts. "Sorry Brian, can't do that. See, these two are my friends, and you're not gonna mess with them," Sam says. "What, you think you three would stand a chance?" Brian asks, laughing. "Well, lemme think... I don't know about (Your name), but I took a class in Shotokan Karate, I'd say I'm fairly good... And if I remember correct, my man Quinn here has a couple lessons learned in Boxing... So yes, this should be interesting..." Sam says, asking for a punch in the face by a kid who has around 70 pounds on Sam, who is only about a measly 100 pounds, pathetic for a 15 year old. Alright, so this doesn't look like it's turning out too great. If you had to fight, do you have any fighting experience?
  3. Ok, so you took a couple Kickboxing classes once. But that doesn't look like it's gonna be enough against the beast that is Brian, and his other huge friends. Quinn and Sam get into their fighting stances, and you put your dukes up. Any ideas on who you want to go for?
  4. Alright, so in case you don't know, I am notorious for my fight scenes on gotoquiz.com :) (No effect)
  5. Brian looks as if he's going for Quinn, while one of his dudes go for Sam, one for you, and one who sits back and waits for somebody to get open. Your enemy looks somewhat smaller than the others. He tries to move in for a right uppercut. You simply block the fist in your hand, and twist it around, making him flip upside down, hard onto the pavement. The next dude comes barreling at you, but this one is huge. What do you do?
  6. Somehow, the beast sees through your plan, and picks up his speed. Not expecting this, you panic for a split second. He rams into you, knocking the wind out of you. He then picks you up off the gravel, and tightens his hand on your throat. What do you do?
  7. Going for a groin kick, the brute stumbles back. Brian quickly notices that against three somewhat trained fighters, his chances are slim. He and his little gang run off into the darkness. Thoughts?
  8. Quinn and Sam look like they were able to take care of themselves. "Great, our first day and we already broke the fighting rule..." Quinn mumbles. "Don't worry, my dad won't be hearing about this. K, lets leave before he comes back," Sam says. You would think that Brian won't be back for a while. "You alright, (Your name)?" Quinn asks.
  9. This quiz is to be continued :P
  10. Good luck in Part Seven... BROFIST

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