Epic Summer part three

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Welcome to part three! So in this chapter, you finally arrive at the camp. What's in store for you? Find out in this quiz! Good luck! PS: this one is insanely easy :).

Recap: So in part two, you took the bus drive up to the camp, and met some new friends, and some new enemies. You will continue to meet some new friends as the series goes on.

Created by: James Bond
  1. After a long bus ride, you finally make it to Lake Trident, where you'll be spending the next three weeks. Right now, you are at a crossroads: Michael and Isiah are heading to a welcoming party down at the dock. Sean is taking his luggage to the cabin so that he can unpack. Who do you go with?
  2. After you and Sean have hauled your luggage all away across the camp, you are shocked and pleased by the size and structure of the cabin. (You can see a picture of it in the quiz's main picture. You like?
  3. Alrighty. Soon as you get in, the foyer hits you with its massiveness. From the looks of it, you have four choices on where you want your room: There's the upstairs rooms which are nicer and have windows but smaller, there's the basement rooms, which have no windows but are larger, and there are the right and left wing rooms, which are small but very high class :P. Which ones you pick?
  4. You and Sean were able to sneak a nice upstairs room with an amazing view of the entire lake. The nice things about this cabin is that each room requires a room key! You are impressed by the fortune of the camp. One you get into your room, as Sean said, the upstairs rooms are smaller. From what you can see, there are Five beds: Two bunk beds, and one individual bed. Which one do you want?
  5. Once Michael and Isiah return from the dock party, Sean shows them up to the room. There are four of you, meaning one bed will not be filled (Forever alone...) Sean decides to take the bottom bunk of a bed, while Isiah decides to take the top bunk of Sean's. You get your own bunk, the top, nobody on the bottom of yours. This leaves Michael with the individual bed beside the window. Any objections?
  6. So now that you are all packed and settled, there are a lot of options. You can go down to the dock party which is still going strong, you could go down to the snack bar which is now open and grab a bite of something, you could head down to the dugout and play a joined game of what looks like Ultimate Frisbee, or you could just stay here and talk with your four amigos. Well, what's it gonna be?
  7. After chatting with your bros for about an hour, you hear a bell ringing outside. You look at Michael with his confusion, until he laughs and says "It's just the dinner bell, they're calling us to go to the mess hall," he says. Do you go?
  8. Alright, this quiz is to be continued :P.
  9. Alright, so in the polls right now, 20 and 15 are tied. 15 was brought in the lead thanks to gotoquiz users Wolfman1 and Onedirectioner82, but it's not too late to still vote in the polls! Be reminded that if you vote, I will give a shoutout to you in the next quiz :P.
  10. Good luck in part four... BROFIST

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