Epic Summer part two

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Welcome back! This episode of Epic Summer consists of the bus ride to the camp, who you meet, and what happens along the way :P. Good luck, you'll be fine!

So lets recap before you start: You are going to a three week long summer camp with your amigo Sean, and are unsure quite yet whether your looking forward to it or not :P.

Created by: James Bond
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  1. After a hectic morning, you and Sean finally make it to the church, where the buses will depart. After dumping all your luggage into the massive trunk, you and Sean step inside the bus. From what you would guess, there are around 20 kids on it. Doing the math with 4 other buses, that would make 80 people coming to the camp. Any ideas where you and Sean sit?
  2. You and Sean take a seat in the back, where most of the guys are. Being careful not to sit up front with the chicks and stand out, Sean points out some of the people on the bus who you'll be getting to know later on. Some kid kicks the seat behind you, knocking you forward a little bit. This goes on for about three minutes, until you've had enough. You gonna do anything about it?
  3. It's not you that turns around, it's Sean. Sean starts off with "Hey freak how bout you stop with-" and then stops. You hear the other voice behind you say "What, no hello? No 'Hey Michael, how you been?' I'm hurt, Sean..." Sean starts off again with "Michael! long time no see bro!" He then taps on your shoulder. "(Your Name), this is Michael, a good friend o' mine. Michael, this is (Your name), a friend from school." You turn around to shake Michael's hand. He seems like a nice guy, a heavyset shape, short brown hair, brown eyes, and a wide grin. "Hey man," he says, and extends his hand for a shake. Do you take it?
  4. After having some conversation with Michael, Sean also ends up introducing you to the boy next to Michael, Isiah, who looks exactly the opposite of Michael: African American, Very short hair, A warm smile, looking muscular and tan, with his eyes blocked out by sunglasses. He seems like one of those "Cool Guy" types. All of a sudden, while the four of you are in conversation, a gigantic mammoth kid rises from his seat, spits out a huge wad of gum he was chewing, and hurls it with a splat onto the bus driver's window. Uh oh. One of those bully types. "WHO DID THAT?!" The senile bus driver shouts. "He did," the mammoth kid grunts and points. Wait a minute, is he pointing at you?! He is! What do you do?
  5. "No way, man! He did!" You point back at the monstrous boy. He looks at you with a deathly "Imma gonna kill you" glare and gets up out of his seat. "Hey! Hey! Sit back down son!" The driver yells. The boy with an angry grunt sits back down, rocking the bus as he sits. What is this guy, like 200 pounds of fat and muscle? "Who's that kid up there?" You ask to Sean. "Ah, that's just Brian. Don't let it get to you, he thinks he can do this to everyone and get away with it. Seriously, it's no biggie." Thoughts?
  6. So out of our three friends that you CURRENTLY have for now: Sean, the old friend, Isiah, the mellow cool guy, and Michael, the outgoing surfer type, who are you gonna be spending most of the camp with?
  7. Now that you've started off with a few friends, and made one enemy, are you feeling any better about camp? (No effect)
  8. So obviously, this quiz is to be continued :P. (No effect)
  9. Alright, so far, the results for the poll say that I should be making 20 of these, thanks to our gotoquiz members MrsMellark and Firey_Soul :P. However, the polls are still not closed to vote for how many of these I should make! Remember again that the options are 10, 15, and 20. And again, if you do vote, you'll receive a shout out from this quiz :P.
  10. Good luck in part three... BROFIST

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