Summer lover part 2

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Please try part 1 first.It might make for sense for you.So in this one you meet to guys Marcus and Josh.You get strange visions.I am happy to say that they are quite cute!

Hope you'll like it and plz comment when your done.Do you like it or not.Is it good or crappy.This is all your thoughts.Good luck hope you'll like your result

Created by: cats

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  1. Your going down the beach trying to find steve.He's not there.'He must be late'You think.You look forward and see two people.One rapping.And one dancing.They didn't have a can for money so you went up and gave them both 1$.The rapper says'We don't want money,We want to be famouse!You blush.You look and them and say'Hi,I'm Nicole Ciara Monstan!The dancer says'I'm Marcus and this is my friend Josh'.Josh was the rapper.You say'Nice rapping and dancing'.Then you spot Olivia opening the hut.You say'Bye guys'And run of to Olivia.She waves.You say'I met too guys and she answers:
  2. Then you See steve.You say'Hi,Your a little late Steve.He says'Sorry my mother of bothering me!
  3. Steve looks at you.Are you ok Nicole?You feel like fainting but you don't.You an hear Steve saying Nicole.You shake your head and say'Yeah'?He looks and you and askes so want to be my girlfriend for the summer?
  4. You feel strange.You run of to a restroom.You lock the door and you feel like your legs are gone!You don't have them.You have a tail.You turned into a mermaid.(You have never been in sea water) 'What is happening to me'.Then you relise its your imaginasion.You fainted!Into Steves arms.Olivia is saying something on the phone.'Yes,thank you'.You can see a fiz and you can hear a ambulance.You open your eyes and say'What is happening'?You look around you.A crowd of people are around you.Josh and Marcus too.You stand on your legs and look at ever yone.You get a drink and then sit down.
  5. You see four girls whispering and the rest are just looking.You see the cops and they come up.'Offisar 006,On your service.You look at the badge it says Amanda.You say'I got some weird flashbacks or something like that?The Offisar said'Well,I see.Well maybe it was becuase of this nuckleheads*Points at Marcus and Josh*
  6. Then the crowd leaves.You go to a shop.A gift shop.Then you see Josh.Josh!you yell.'Nicole,What happened at the beach an hour ago'?He askes.'Em,My drama'.You giggle.Josh looks at you.'So you like this bobblehead pen.I can buy It for you,If you want?
  7. You go home.Your on the phone to your friend in California.'Well I met these 3 guys'you say.I better go before you start Nicole'.Bye.Rachel!?!you say.She's gone.It is true that every since you broke up with Jon you don't have a boy friend.(I gust gave this informaition)And you were 15!You go out of the room and your dad says'Where are you going,Nicole!Your out of the house all the whole time your at my place.This is time to spend with me!'You are not the boss of my life.Your not intressed into my life.You don't care about me and my life!You shut the door to go to the beach.
  8. You see Marcus.'Nicole,Are you ready to Partey'?'Gosh,Marcus could you at least say hi before you go crazy'?You say.'Sorry Nicole,Just I like you and you'.Then your getting the vesion again.You fall and this time its something that is happening.Love.You see yourself kissing Marcus......
  9. Then you wake up and say'Could you excause me'.You run down to Olivia.'Help me,I'm getting visions all the time'.Olivia says'I am too busy to help you,Joke,So try to pick Steve,Marcus or.....She stops.You say'Who,Why won't you say Josh'?'I dated him,I was just a 16 year old girl down at this hut.This is my uncles ut but he still works here over the school days.And he came up and said I like your hair and put a flower there.But on the new year,I saw him kiss my best friend...'What'?
  10. Then you say'Hard isn't it'?She nodded.I know how you feel.Do you like it so far or is it bad?Oh try part 1 aswell and maybe then it might make more sense

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