LA Summer Love Story, Part 7: Road Trip Continued!

Welcome to LA Summer Love Story, Part 7! You're still on a beach trip with all of your Los Angeles friends, and the friendship, romance, and drama is brewing.

There has been lots of drama lately, but it's reaching its highest point in this quiz. Will you accidentally hurt Tyler's feelings? Will Jack open up to you about why he's so bad? Will Josh and Kara's relationship survive? Take it to find out.

Created by: AddiBabyy

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  1. When you wake up the next morning, Miranda is already up, so you're alone in the bedroom. You get up and go to the kitchen to eat some cereal. When you get to the kitchen, Tyler is sitting at the table, eating cereal. "Good morning!" he says with a smile on his face. You say "Morning, Tyler!" You pour yourself some cereal and then you go sit across from him. "Sleep well?" he asked. "Yep!" you say. Then he looks into your eyes and smiles a really heartfelt smile.
  2. You talk to Tyler for a few minutes while you eat your cereal. When you're both done, he stands up and goes towards the door. "Wanna go for a walk?" he asks. You say...
  3. Despite what you said, you end up going on the walk with him. You guys are only about 12 feet down the beach when he reaches for your hand. Since Tyler is such a nice guy, you don't pull away. He is sooo happy to be holding hands with you. He keeps smiling.
  4. He leans in and is about to kiss you, when an unfamiliar voice says "Tyler???"
  5. Tyler stops and turns around. You look, too. You have never seen this guy before in your life. He's super hot though. He has blonde surfer hair, gorgeous blue eyes, and he's really tan. He's wearing a tie-dye tee shirt and board shorts, and holding a surfboard.
  6. Tyler says "Whoa... Danny?" Danny nods and smiles. Then Tyler says "Dude, I haven't seen you in ages! What are you doing here?!". Danny says "We moved here a couple years back. After coming here several summers, we just decided to live here." Then Tyler says "Wow, cool!"
  7. Danny looks at you and says "Who's this?" he smiles. Tyler says "This is ______, my favorite girl." He looks at you and smiles. Danny fake-laughs and says "So are you two, like, together?" You...
  8. Danny smiles and says "I see. So, uh, you guys wanna come to a party tonight? You can bring all your friends." Tyler says "Yeah, we'll consider it." Then Danny says "Cool," smiles at you, and walks off.
  9. As you and Tyler walk off, you say "Who was that?". Tyler says "Oh, that's my old friend, Danny. Our families used to vacation together until our moms got in a fight, and I haven't seen him since."
  10. Then Tyler says "So, uh, where were we?" He smiles and leans forward. He kisses you. (If you wanted to, yay. If you didn't then you didn't pull away in time.) After you guys pull away from the kiss, he smiles again. Then he takes your hand and you two silently walk back towards your beach house, hand in hand.
  11. You get back to the beach area in front of your beach house, and several of your friends are standing around, laughing and talking on the beach. Adam looks at you, so you smile and wave. He looks a little uncertain. Then you realize you are still holding Tyler's hand. You uncomfortably pull your hand away.
  12. You're in a really weird situation. You know that Adam and Tyler both really like you. You look at Adam, one of the hottest guys ever. He's such a jock. He's got that beautiful, tan and buff body, and a gorgeous face. Then you look at Tyler. He's looking at you kinda sad. He may not be as cool as Adam, but he's really sweet. He loves you and wants to kiss you and hold your hand. He's a theater kid. Current thoughts?
  13. Tyler fakes a smile, pats you on the shoulder, and walks off. You feel like you kinda hurt his feelings by pulling your hand away. Then Adam walks up to you. "I'm sorry, ______." You say..
  14. Then he says "Well, I'm sorry that I keep putting you in weird situations. I feel like there's some kind of strange rivalry between Tyler and me, like we both want you. And it always comes up and creates weird tension... I understand if you wanted to hold his hand, and you pulled it away because I caused you to feel weird.. but I really think you and I have something and I need to know if it's there or not." You say..
  15. Then Adam says "Alright" and gives you a big hug. He says "I'll always be here for you." Then he walks back to the group, and you're just left standing there.
  16. You walk into the house to get a bottle of water. You walk past Josh and Kara who are kissing. Then you walk into the kitchen to find Jayson, laying on the floor. "Uh, what are you doing?" you say. Then he says "Oh, I'm cooling off. This is the coolest room in the house." You smile and say "Ohh." Then he stands up and hugs you. He says "I just surfed with some guy named Danny. He knows Tyler, and he invited us all to a party tonight!" You say "Yeah, I know, I met him too." Then you grab your bottle of water and sit down to talk to Jayson for a few minutes.
  17. An hour or so later, everybody is sitting in the living room. You all talk, and agree to go to Danny's party. Then you and Miranda go into your room and get ready. What do you wear?
  18. Then you all walk in a big group, down to Danny's house. Tyler keeps looking at you, and then looking away when you notice. It's kind of awkward between you two now.
  19. When you get there, you can tell the party has already started. Dancing teenagers are everywhere. You walk with Miranda through the house, and Danny stops you by gently grabbing your arm. He says "Hey, you're Tyler's beautiful girl. I'm glad you came." He gives you a short side hug, smiles, and walks off. Miranda says "Who was that?" and you say "Oh, that's Danny. This is his house."
  20. You and Miranda sit down on the couch to talk. It's kind of weird being at this party with a bunch of kids you don't know, and you're not sure where all your boys went. You think they're chilling on the back deck.
  21. After a few minutes, Jack walks in, beer in hand, and says to you "Hey, _____, you wanna come hang out with me?" You awkwardly say sure, and tell Miranda you'll catch up with her later. Then Jack grabs your hand and takes you out back. The two of you sit side by side in the sand and talk for a few minutes. You'd guess he had about 3 beers so far. He's weird when he drinks.. he's more emotional and caring. When he's sober, he's kind of heartless and player-like, but when he drinks, he actually says he cares and stuff. It's weird. But one of the things he said was "_____, I really like you. I know that I'm a jerk and I have a funny way of showing my feelings, but I really like you a lot, and I'm here for you whenever you need anything." Then he hugged you and kissed you on the forehead.
  22. Then Jack says "Well, I don't want to waste too much of your time.." he frowns, "I'll let you go talk to Miranda or something." He looks sad though, so you say "No, Jack, it's okay. I like talking to you." You end up having a two-hour long talk with Jack. He tells you all about his life, about how his dad used to hit him, and how his mom never supported anything he did. He acts like he doesn't care, but you can tell he does. As several of your friends (including Josh and Kara) start heading back to the house, Jack wraps up by saying "Thank you so much for talking to me tonight. You're amazing," and he hugs you again. You say..
  23. Then you get up and walk back into the party. Jayson stops you and says "Have you been with Jack this whole time?" You say yes. He says "He's being nice, right?" You say "Yeah, he's being very nice. I feel bad for the guy." Jayson nods and says "Yeah, well, okay, never let him disrespect you though, alright? He's been known to do that in the past." He hugs you tightly, and then walks off.
  24. You go back and sit down on the couch with Miranda and Adam. Danny is sitting on the couch across from them with some girl you don't know, and talking to everybody. As you sit down, Danny looks at you and says "_____, you are beautiful. I thought you were doing good by being with Tyler, but now you're spending the whole party with some drunk badass loser. What's up there?" You say..
  25. Danny says "I see, I see." Then he goes back to his conversation with Miranda and everybody. But every few words, he looks at you and smiles, occasionally winks.
  26. About twenty minutes later, Jayson walks over to you and says "Baby, I'm gonna head back to the house. You want to walk back with me?" You're kind of bored, so you agree to walk back with Jayson. When you two get outside, Jack walks up. He has had many more beers since you last talked to him. Jayson pats him on the back and says "Come on, dude. We're going home." Jack looks at you and says "I love you, _____, you always help me when I'm feeling down." and then he stumbles back to the house, alongside you and Jayson.
  27. When you get to the house, Jayson opens the door for you. You walk in, and Jack stumbles in behind you. Jack puts an arm around you and says "You're so perfect." Then he kisses you. You walk off because he's drunk. You walk towards your bedroom, but on your way, you walk past Josh's room and hear yelling. He and Kara are fighting!
  28. You're standing there in awe, and the door angrily swings open. Josh has a really angry look on his face. Then his eyes meet yours, and his expression calms. "_____, did you hear all that..?" You say "Oh.. no, I was just on the way to my room.." He nods sadly, and walks towards the living room. You walk after him and say "Josh, wait... do you wanna talk or anything?" He nods and says "Yeah, let's go outside."
  29. You two sit down across from each other in the sand. He does this sad-fake-laugh. Then he looks into your eyes and begins the story. "I really liked Kara. I crushed on her all year. Then I met you and.. I kinda forgot about her. It was like Kara never liked me anyway, and you... you were amazing. I spent several weeks liking you, ____. I REALLY liked you. But you had something with several of my friends, and I could see it. Plus, you're going back home in a few weeks, so I just decided not to let myself fall for you. Then Kara started texting me and flirting with me, so I just took a chance and asked her out. She said yes.. I never thought she would. So I know it had only been several days, but I decided to bring her on the trip. I guess that was a big, stupid mistake. At Danny's party, I went to get her a drink, and I came back and she was totally hitting on some guy, but I just blew it off. Then a little bit later, we decided to leave, so we came back to the house and laid in my bed and made out and stuff, and then I guess she found this funny.. she was like laughing and she was like 'I saw you staring at that _____ girl at the party, so while you were getting me a drink, I kissed Brad'. I was like Are you freaking serious?! Then I basically just yelled at her and stormed out. She kissed some other guy because I LOOKED at you."
  30. Then Josh says "So yeah... that's what happened. I don't really know where to go from here. I'm either gonna drive her home tomorrow, or have someone come pick her up. I want to get rid of her though, and just enjoy the rest of this trip."
  31. So, you and Josh walk back inside. He walks back into the room where Kara is, and you head down to your bedroom. You can hear Kara bawling. Then you hear Josh calmly say "Kara, you need to go home first thing tomorrow. I'll drive you home if I have to, but it'd be a lot better if you could have someone pick you up." Then you hear Kara say in a very whiney voice "Josh, I really liked you! But you always liked ______!" Then Josh said "I gave her up for you, but you let me down. We're breaking up and you're going home tomorrow, end of discussion." Then you just hear her crying some more.
  32. You put on your pajamas and walk back into the living room. Jayson, Jack, and Jimmy are sitting in there. Other than them, Josh, Kara, and you, everyone else is still at the party. You sit down inbetween Jayson and Jack. Jimmy says "I feel really horrible." You all ask why. He says "Everybody at the party was drinking so... I drank a beer. That's the first alcohol I've ever had, and I decided I'm never drinking again until I'm 21." Then you and Jayson say that that's good of him.
  33. Josh walks in and sits down. He looks like he's trying not to cry, trying to be a man. He says "That's the end of Kara and me." You give him a big hug, and everybody comforts him. Then you, Josh, Jimmy, Jayson, and Jack have a deep conversation for about an hour, and then everybody gets back to the house and you all do. It's really amazing.
  34. The conversation is so deep. Everyone (except Kara) is involved. You all grow so much closer. Then you all hug each other, and go off to bed.
  35. Early the next morning, Kara's ex-boyfriend comes and picks her up. Then you all go have a fun day on the beach, and then all have sandwiches for lunch, and then you drive home. It was one of the best times of your life.
  36. Part 8 is coming soon! Which result do you hope you get right now?

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