Happily ever after!!! (A love story!) PART TWO!

Right, you people better have took part one, or you're dead! Not really, though it would be helpful if you did, cause ou won't get the story otherwise!

Please rate a comment, and tell your mates about it (LOL) And lets hope your heart is readdy for some lovin', cause the temp is rising with love this time!!!

Created by: alicenjonesbtt of hogwarts
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  1. Right! I hope you took the first quiz! Did you?
  2. So, if you remember, you've just moved to America, and you've became friends with four hot guys. Who did you get at the end?
  3. And then, you were driving in Bens car home with the guys and Taylor (Drakes girlfriend) and they all look worried. Then suddenly...
  4. The last thing you see is a flash of Blue eyes as you black out!!!
  5. So then, shall we get on with the story?
  6. (Right, we're calling Jacob/Edward just Edward for now!) You open your eyes to find you're in a pitch black room. You don't dare move from where you're lying. Just then, you hear someone move behind you. Who is it?
  7. It's... Drake. "______, Are you awake?" He whispers to you. You turn to face him, though you can't see himin the dark. He's about a foot away from you, and he's sitting crossed legged, if you're wondering. "Drake?" You ask, even though you know it's him. "I've, i mean, we've been worried sick about you. Don't you ever scare us like that again!" He almost whispers screams.
  8. "What happened?" You ask him. He breaves heaverly, then composes himself to tell you. "Well, we were on our way to our, i mean, my house, when Ben turned a wrong corner, because he's new round, and we ended up falling into the path of, well, let's just say the bad guys. They took one look at us and shot a random place in the car, which happened to be the open window by me, and it flew and hit you." He explained.
  9. "Then why arn't i dead?" You ask, wondering where this bullet hit, feeling round your head and stomach. "Well, it hit your necklace(?), but the forse of it knocked you out." He said, and you see a glint of metal in front of you. You reach out to grab it, and you feel Drakes hand, and your necklace(?). You grab hold of his hand by acsident(?).
  10. If you held on or not, Drake then suddenly grabbes ou and passionately kisses you on the lips. What do you do?
  11. Just then, the other three guys come running in while you are kissing. "What the hell are you doing?" They all shout. You run to someone, who?
  12. You run up to that person, but they storm off out of the room. You follow them, with the other three behind. You are in a house, very big and bright, and looks like it's got 5 bedrooms. You don't bother to follow/stay with anyone, so you go on your own tour around the house. You go into a bedroom, and who's is it?
  13. You walk in and there is his diary on the bed-side-table, open on yesterdays date. You read it. 'Dear diary. How can i live, knowing that ____ is been knocked out for over a week now, and is stuck in the Black-Out room. I wish to see her, but the others do not let me. I miss her more and more each day. And, i think, i think i like her. Not just like, love her...' Just then, someone comes running in (DON'T PICK THE PERSON WHO OWNS THE DIARY< OR IT WON'T WORK!)
  14. He see's you readding the diary, and a look of horror comes over his face. "Why are you reading... Diary?" He screames, as he walks up to you and closes the book. He is stood right next to you, and looks you in the eye. Then, he closes his eyes and leans forward and kisses you, just as passionately as Drake did.
  15. Just then, someone comes running in. ".... Has gone missing" They shout. It is the person you like the most. Who is it?

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