A New Kind of Love Story part 3

So this is A New Kind of Love Story part 3!!!!! I know I've taken so long to finish and I'm finally done!! Yay! Shout out to Asha_Lay_Lay565 for reminding about this because otherwise I would of completely forgotten! :)

So I'm making part four right now. So who did you get? What should happen in part four? Do you want a new guy? Where do you all end up? Why am I asking so many questions? Tell me in the comments!

Created by: Dolphin13

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  1. You turn around and *smack* suddenly your face stings. You want to cry, but not without showing Alex everything he does doesnt hurt you. You stand up, the guys try & back you up but you are not focused on them. Your focused on beating Alex. What do you do?
  2. The bell rings you sprint off to your next class. You really don't want to talk to anyone. When you look back you see Alex smirking, then you see the guys gaining up on him and everyone gathers around them screaming "Fight, Fight." You want to turn back and you almost do until a teacher walks by and sends you to the nurse for the bruise on your face.
  3. You are very annoyed by this but you can here th fight calm down so your glad that was settled.When someone comes behind you and knocks you out. Things are dark at first then blur into something that can only be described as a vision.
  4. *Your vision* Everything is dark and blury,then clears into some sort of woods, it is silent. You then here someone. You run. You run faster than you ever have before. You must find this person, something about the woods is dark and creepy and you must get out. You here voices all around you, confusing you, calling this way and that. You want them desperately to stop, but you keep running. Then you stop. So do the voices. It's as if someone is holding you with some unknown force. You look around you and see and old woman sitting there in a dark, dark cloak. "I have found you," she manages to croak. "After all these years I have finally found you." There was no need to introduce yourself she obviously already knew who you were, the question was who she was. "Who are you," you asked the old woman. I am the queen of Eldendales and I've been searching for someone to take over my crown. Do you know how many people I have sent out to search for you in the real world? So many have died so you could save us. Now I have found you." Then she disappears, and you wake up where you were supposed to end up, in the nurses office.
  5. "You took quite a tumble there honeybunches," the school nurse said in a heavy southern accent. "Yeah I suppose so, what exactly happened?" "Oh I was just going to ask you the same thing sugarpie! All I know is you were unconsious & these four boys carried you in," the nurse said. "Yes that was sweet of them to do," you say. "Hey, may I go back to class?" "Well of course sweetcakes! Here's a pass, & it's seventh period alright? Ya'll come back now ya here!" "Thank you," you say while running to class. You have to go tell the guys about your vision and figure out what it means or at least find out what has been happening for the last hour or so.
  6. You get to gym and nobody is dressed and everyone is just playing around (you know how crazy things can get.) You hand your pass to the gym teacher and you see Logan, Tyler, Kyle, and Max sitting on the bleachers with worried expressions, getting a lecture from emily. "Hey guys," you yell to all of them. At once they all stand up and look your way with relieved expressions. "Oh my gosh _______! Where have you been! We were all so worried about you," Logan says while walking over to you. "I was in the nurses office, knocked out,where four strange boys left me," you say sarcasticly. They all have guilty looks on there faces. All except for Emily she looks extremely annoyed. You walk over and give her a hug, she loosens up a little bit. "What's wrong," you ask. "Nothing," she says and walks away still angry. "What's her problem," you ask. "Nothing, are you all right? Did anything happen to you while you were asleep," Kyle asks.
  7. "What do you mean? I was knocked out," you answer. "Guys can I just say it," Kyle asks the others, who all seem unsure but nod their heads yes. "Did you get a vision?" "Yes," you say and explain the entire vision to them. "So she reached you," Max says, without expecting an answer back. "After all these years," he adds. "Do you mind telling me whats going on here? Hoow do you know her?" "We'll explain that later ______. What are your parents names," Logan asks. This you thought was extremely random but you answer anyways because.... well it's Logan. "Abigail and George. Why?" "No reason. You don't have plans tonight do you? We should all hang out, including Emily. She needs to be here. Let's get to ______'s house at 5:00. Is that alright," Tyler says. "Umm sure," you say, and the bell rings and you all leave. 'That was wierd,' you think to yourself. They all invited themselves over to my house, including Emily, who is mad at me.
  8. *fast forward to 5:00 your house.* *ding-dong* You walk up to the front door and open it. You see Logan and Tyler. "Hey guys! Please come in and explain what is going on around here!" "Hey ________ are you still mad at me," Tyler asks. Well of course I am you invited yourself over and made me feel stupid! Your lucky my parents are ok with it and not here. "No of course I'm not," you say very sarcasticly.
  9. "As soon as everyone gets here we can start explaining things," Logan says as you guys sit on the couch. "Everything?" "Yes everything. It wasn't my idea to leave you out we just couldn't explain it to you at school." 'Oh' you think, 'this sounds serious maybe I shouldn't have been so mean to Tyler afterall.' Just then the doorbell rings and in walks Max, Kyle and Emily, still kind of upset. "Why on earth do I have to be here," she screams. "Are you angry at me, Emily? You don't have to be here if you don't want to," you say oh so politely. "You of course not, _________! Your like my best friend. I mean I am a little but its your fault it's there's," she says while pionting a finger at all of the guys.
  10. "What did they do," you ask, totally clueless to evrything. "Well duh! They're all in love with you and they make it so obvious. They're like rubbing it in my face that I can't see my knight in shining armor from back home! I can't help but be slightly upset." You take awhile to process all of this. "Back home? Knight in shining armor? Am I missing something here," is all you can say. "What? Has no one bothered explaining anything. Oh gosh I guess I will then," emily says. "We are all from the kingdom of Eldendales, and several villagers and guardians have been sent to find you before the bad guys do. We need you to take over once our Queen is dead, she has the gift of long life, which you will aquire too, and she is 496 years old. So we weren't sure where to look for you. Your parents were informed by a messenger of your destiny, but you constantly moved to keep away from the bad guys, or the darkside." "Wait why are they sending a bunch of 13 year olds after me?" "Because we are the ones who are supposed to protect you and we just as long as you do so we can guard you all of your life," Max says.
  11. "So your all like my guardians," you ask without expecting an answer. "Yes," they all said in unison. "This is so strange. So I am a princess of this unheard of kingdom?" -Finally you get it- you here from no where. "Ummm did you guys say something," you ask. "No."
  12. "Honey, I'm home," your mother says as she walks in the door. "Oh are these your little friends?" "Abigail? My name is Logan and this is my brother Tyler and our friends, Max, Kyle and Emily. We are your daughters guardians. The Queen.." "Shh," your mom says and then locks the door and closes the blinds."I know but some one evil is coming you all must watch yourselves." Just then the doorbell rings. You go to the door and someone with red curly hair and grey eyes speckled gold. "Hey I'm looking for Logan," he said. "Jay," Logan said.
  13. "Why don't we all go to the park," said Emily, noticing the awkwardness. Everyone thinking it was a good idea started to walk out the door. "Wait, _______," your mom says as your about to walk out, and everyone else is talking 15 steps ahead of you. "My your guardians are stupid," she whispers to you. "They probally are not trusting their instincts. Keep this necklace on at all times. It will warn you when evil is near." The necklace is a simple chain with a charm in the shape of a key. "It buzzs slightly when evik is near." "But wait what do the evil people want with me?" "That is something you will know later, now run along with your friends, be careful."
  14. *fastforward* Your at the park and you keep having this wierd sensation on your neck. Almost like something is vibrating. Wait the necklace!! Someone here is evil! "Isn't are gym teacher just awful ______" Tyler asks. "Yeah," you say zoning back in. You have to figure out who it is or what they want. There are just so many qquestions that haven't been answered.
  15. "Lets play hide and seek," Emily says. "How babyish can you be," Max replys. Just then Alex and a group of what look like his followers show up at the park, and seem to be coming towards you. "Where did Jay go," Logan asks. Then to Alex's left you see Jay. The buzzing of your necklace was gone but soon to come back.
  16. "_______ I think we better get out of here," Kyle says. "Let's leave now my necklace is going off." You get confused expressions but you don't have time to explain what it means your just glad they are using their instints. All of you walk in the other direction.You look back and they are chasing after you. The guys stop, and you notice nobody else is there. 'Thats strange' you think to yourself. "Why did we stop," you ask. "They don't know you know so we can just act normal I mean Alex was my friend maybe there is nothing to worry about," Max says. "Hey Alex!" Max screams this while waving to him. "Oh hello Max. Long time no see. I see you've formed a little group of losers. And oh look it's _______ how's that bruise coming along?" He's so evil you think to yourself. "What do you want," you ask him, annoyed as ever. "Oh, you never answered my question, are you getting enough attention? I'm sure you've heard I'm the most popular kid in school and let's all just admit it, as much as you annoy me you are the most popular girl and the hottest."
  17. "Are you hitting on me?" "Is it working?" You look at your friends and you see Emily's shocked and worried look, Max's "someone hold me back before I kill him," look. Logan's "oh no he did not just say that," look, Kyle and Tyler's very crushed look."No, Alex it isn't. I know how evil you really are." Now by this you were simply thinking of everything you had heard at school and everything he has done to you. But that wasn't how he took it.
  18. "Ha! Maybe you people are smarter than I thought. So I guess you know we are evil," he says while gesturing to his entire group. You are slightly shocked. I mean you had your suspicians but you were not 100% sure. "Take her away boys and remember to tell her Logan's secret before you dispose of her," says Alex.You scream, you are freaking out. "Quick _______, Max, Kyle, Emily, Logan, hold hands," Tyler manages to yell over your screaming. Everything blurs, you feel as though your in a million places at once and nowhere at the same time. Things come down but you can't seem to keep your eyes open. So you don't.......
  19. So that's the end of part three!!!! Hope you liked it sorry it took so long. What was it like two months?? or more. idk but I am very sorry I'm starting part 4 as we speak! So comment, rate, tell your friends or pets? (I'm not judging) :)
  20. So who do you hope to get?

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