x-men love story pt 4

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alright, this is x-men love story part 4. wanted to finish it before halloween. so here it is :D hope you like it remember to rate and comment. k bye

so yeah, part 4. x-men. love story. you know. halloween. horror movies. i know what you did last summer. watching that right now. was my first horror movie :D k bye

Created by: firegirl88

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  1. "oh ok good luck kitty" "yaeh, later guys." she said as she leaves the room through the wall "well, good night ____. hope your feeling better in the morning' said rouge giving you a quick hug and leaving the room. as you fall asleep what do you dream about
  2. you wake up the next morning and hear professor x's voice in your mind. "students. we are going to the muszeam( still no good at spelling people) today. i will teleport us there when jean and storm say it is clear of humans. please meet in the front of the school in 30 minutes." so you wake up and start getting ready. you brush your hair, wash your face, blah blah blah. what do you put on to wear.
  3. your walking down the hall when you see john."hey, ___" "hey john, so how's this going to work?" "well when we get there we're going to sneak away from the group. and because there are so many students going this time, it should be pretty easy to get away. just try to blend in with the humans. no using your powers like the 'dangerous evil creatures' we are." you laugh and say "got it. i'll see you in the food court" "k later" he gave you a quick kiss on the lips and was goon before you could say anything.
  4. ok. fast forward. your at the mall. everything went according to plan. so your at the mall in the food court with rouge, iceman and pyro. rouge and iceman are acting all awkward around each other. you can basicly feel the tension in the room.
  5. so john is playing with his lighter(no surprise there) and then these 2 dudes walk up. "hey" one says "can i have a light?" he asked holding out a cigarette. john opens the lighter and stares at the flame. then snapping it shut he like "no man, can't help you out" as he continues to play with the lighter. after awhile one says "why are you being such a d**k?" "yeah,why are you being such a d**k?" "i don't know, because i can?" you can't help but giggle a bit. suddenly one of the guys grabs john's lighter and starts smoking. "hey!" john got up but the other guy pushed him back. "oh, not so tought now. are you?" "ha. that's real cute man." then john winks and the cigarette fire burns up and the guys arm catches on fire. "so much for hiding the 'dangerous evil creatures' we are" you think. while bobby is puting out the fire and john is laughing, you look around a bit a realize that everything is frozen. you turn back and hear rouge say "bobby. what did you do?" "i don't know"
  6. "bobby...did you do this man?" "no" you hear a different voice say. "i did" you turn around and see professor x coming in. "and the next time you feel like showing off. don't. john looks pretty pissed but you don't have much time to think about it because you hear a loud explosion."____! look out!" you feel someone pull you away right before a giant piece of the roof falls down right where you were standing. you turn around and see bobby right there. he saved you. "thanks" you breathe. he smiles. "no prob"
  7. then...boom. your back at the mansion. while their trying to figure out what happened back at the food court, you decide to head outside. you just want to be alone for a bit. think over what happened. john kissing you, bobby saving your life.
  8. "____" someone calls out. it's warren. "i found out what happened. who caused the explosion." "let me guess? the brotherhood?" "for once, no. we're not sure yet who it is, but this is not the work of the brotherhood, they wouldn't do something like this." "true...but how would anyone else know where we are? that this place is even here?" "i don't know.they must have mutants working with them thought."
  9. "so you think that this wasn't brotherhood but it's mutants?" "maybe. i mean, how would humans know about us? but why would the brotherhood bomb us on a field trip? but why would some random humans bomb us?" "because they hate us?" "they don't hate us, they hate our kind." "true...but sti" "listen, i know it's was scary for you. because you almost died. just...try to get some sleep. k?" "angel...can i ask you something." "sure. anything." "how did you end up at this school?" angel sighed. he looked sad and far away. "when i was 10, that was when i got my wings. i didn't want them. my father would hate me. so i tried to cut them off. my father caught me and for 5 years didn't talk to me. then he kicked me out. that's how meet scott. he took me in." "oh, i'm sorry angel. i...i was kicked out when my parents found out my power. they called me a freak, as did my friends." "look..let's jut try to get some sleep." "ok..." and he flew off.
  10. alright, beddy bye time. you get ready, dream about whoever/whatever. and wake up to a scream. not just any scream, the scream of syrin.(or whatever her name was) the only time she would scream like that was when someone or something was in the mansion.
  11. ok, this is part 4. i really wanted to finish it before halloween. so... HAPPY HALLOWEEN :D!!!!!

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