A She-cat's Love Story 2

Hello! I'm back again! If you are about to take this quiz, THEN TAKE A SHE-CAT'S LOVE STORY FIRST! If you did, then ahem. I am sorry for my behavior..

Soooooooooooooooooooooo, I don't know what to put here anymore. And I don't think you should read these paragraphs in my quiz as they are not needed.

Created by: Cherrystar

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  1. Okay hi! Don't take this quiz unless you have taken A She-cat's Love Story. -RECAP-Shadowheart walks away and the other two toms take this moment to run up to you and talk to you. Bluefang got called away on a patrol, so Leopardfur takes you to a beautiful meadow. You gawk at the beauty, and Leapardfur twines your tail with his. -RECAP-
  2. The toms all get chosen to go to the Gathering. You didn't get picked. You feel...
  3. You decide to go to sleep. You dream about...
  4. Well, the Gathering's over and you're asleep. The toms nudge you and fight to tell you what happened. This is what happened: Skystar, the WildClan leader accused Fallowstar, the ForestClan leader of stealing prey. Fallowstar denied it. Then Toadstar, MarshClan leader accused Rosestar, the Streamlan leader of trespassing. They all got in a big fight, and clouds blocked the moon. Then a Twoleg kit trudged in; it seemed lost, blah blah blah. You sigh and say,
  5. Whoever you praised, his eyes lit up with content. The toms march out of the den and you sigh. You just wish that they would STOP FIGHTING. You bump into Skystar. Embarrased, you...
  6. After that VERY embarrasing episode, you decide to go out into the forest and have a walk. You go by the lake and gaze at the starry waters. It was such a beautiful sight until... "HOWDY!" It was your little sister, Olivepaw. You sigh. Olivepaw smirked. "Haha! I got you!" You roll your eyes and say...
  7. Olivepaw shook her head. 'I came here to ask a question." You narrowed your eyes and nodded. "Go ahead." Your little sister cleared her throat. "I've been noticing your behavior lately, and it seems like you're padding after ________(insert warrior's name here.)"
  8. Olivepaw looked smug. You feel your face get warm. "H-how did you know?" you hiss. She rolled her eyes. "You're my big sister. Why shouldn't I know?" You shake your head. "Other cat's romance is none of your business!" you hiss. Olivepaw sighs. "Look, you're twenty-four moons and you might wanna start looking for a mate!" You...
  9. Olivepaw smirks and bounds away. You roll your eyes and think...
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