~Football,Yo-yos and Love~ [game] episode 1

In this quiz, it will kinda be a little like sim date. You will be guiding your charactor, Ryan, to make choices for him in the quiz for your result of the story.

It's not like The flirting game where there are continues and stuff. You choose how the story goes and your choices will lead you to the end of the story. Please stay tuned. I promise that the story will get more interesting as it goes on.

Created by: random person

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much do you like football?
  2. A Yo-yo or a football?
  3. Get this into your head, what kind of girls do you like? If you're a girl taking this quiz and you're just here for the story, then which type of girl would you want your character Ryan to be interested in? These questions don't count now for this episode, but just so that you get an idea of the girls.
  4. Do you like long hair to the waist or hair halfway to across their back?
  5. Shiny, silky,long, dark brown black hair or warm, reddish tinge, brown hair that's straight but curves outward a bit on the ends?
  6. Body maturing girl or still kiddish type girl?
  7. Dark brown eyes or amber eyes?
  8. Comment? Please?
  9. Rate?
  10. Take my other quizzes The Flirting Game?
  11. Stay tuned for episode 1.2?

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