Leps Football Quiz

Football. It's a funny old game of two halves. Full of cliches as useful as a chocolate teapot. There's lots of quizzes out there that we have done (we're not telling you where because we'll lose participants)

How well do you know the beautiful game? Well enough to answer multiple choice questions in return for percentage based feedback? Well enough to risk the shame of being Mr. 0% for the glory of being Mr. 100%. Alternatively, keep your own surname and play for fun.

Created by: Lepster

  1. We'll start of easy. Who is the only player to score a hat-trick in a World Cup final?
  2. Who did Greece defeat in the Euro 2004 Final?
  3. Which team plays at Vicarage Road?
  4. Who boasts the biggest stadium in England outside the Premiership?
  5. Which club does Paul Ince currently manage?
  6. What is Tottenham Hotspurs' motto?
  7. Which Italian city do S.S Lazio play?
  8. Which two teams play in the match thats name translates to "The Classic"?
  9. Which player holds the record for the quickest Premiership goal?
  10. Which country shares the most World Cup final appearances with Brazil?
  11. Who is the most capped English player?
  12. Which La Liga club (other than Barcelona) play in the city of Barcelona?
  13. Who won the 2004 Champions League final?
  14. Who won the last FA Cup Final to be played at the old Wembley?

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