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"There are many Notre Dame Football Fans,but few true Fans who eat,sleep, and breath Notre Dame Football.Afterall,What is a Notre Dame Football fan? someone who gathers around thier tv in the fall to watch the Irish play and somone who has good knowledge of Notre Dame Football history

"Are YOU a Notre Dame Football fan?Do you have the knowledge to qualify and to call yourself a Notre Dame Football Fan? until now you could only wonder.But now you can find out how much you really know and if you can even call yourself a fan by just taking a few minutes to take this quiz.So go find out if you are a fan!

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  1. How many National Championships have the IRISH won ?
  2. What Notre Dame Coach has the best winning percentage?
  3. How many championship bowl game appearences have the IRISH made
  4. How many Bowl games have the Irish won from January 1,1925 to January 3,2007?
  5. What is the alternate Football uniform the Irish wear for special games?
  6. What field do the Irish practice on?
  7. Who are Notre Dame's Rivals?
  8. How many Heisman Trophy winners have come out of Notre Dame?
  9. True or False? Notre Dame won back to back National Championships
  10. True or False? Notre Dame wears thier alternate Jersey for special home games verse USC and for the seniors last home games
  11. true or False? Jerome Bettis wore jersey number 6 for the Irish in the 90's
  12. True or False? Tim Brown did not win the Heisman Trophy in 1987
  13. in 2006 what three players were named the Captains for the Irish?
  14. what current Coach for the Irish led them to back to back Bowl Games in 2006 & 2006?
  15. What year did they decide to make a major motion picture of the legendary football player known as "RUDY"
  16. what is Notre Dames mascot?
  17. What is the seating capacity of Notre Dame Stadium?
  18. What tv station "MOSTLY" televises Notre Dame Football in the fall?
  19. "Notre Dame victory march" WHAT COMES NEXT? Cheer, cheer for Old Notre Dame Wake up the echoes cheering her name,
  20. in the recent back to back Bowl games Notre Dame....

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