How good at football are you?

There are many smart footballers but you have to know the game to actually play the game so this quiz will not just judge your skills but also your knowledge and what you would do in situations of the beautiful game!!

Are you one of those geniuses of football...well lets find out with this quiz!!Do you have the skills and drills to be the next superstar. We all want to know how good you are so its up to you Bye!!

Created by: Eamon
  1. What would you do when you have the ball at the half way line?
  2. If you were a goalkeeper, would you dive for every shot
  3. What is your position?
  4. What do play in?
  5. How many fouls have you commited {aprox)
  6. How many red/yellow cards have you had
  7. Are you scared of heading the ball
  8. What age did you start playing football?
  9. Do you have a good relationship with your manager/coach?
  10. Do make contact with the ball with two feet
  11. How much time do you put in too excersising

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Quiz topic: How good at football am I?