do you know anything about football?

some people think they know about football, they try to understand and comprehend it, take this quiz and see if you know as much as you think you know.

this quiz is made for the people who think they know about football,when they dont,they suck,when they do there cool si good luck and i hope you do good

Created by: chris

  1. who has the first pick in the 2008 NFL draft?
  2. who won the super bowl of the 02-03 season?
  3. what division are the chargers in?
  4. who was the NFC south champions?
  5. who was called the team of the 70's
  6. who is the colts starting QB?
  7. who won super bowl 42?
  8. what team does Adrian Peterson play for?
  9. what team went undefeated?
  10. what team went 18-0
  11. what team plays in detroit
  12. how many teams are there?
  13. what are the colors of the rams
  14. what teams are both in the NFL and the MLB?
  15. who won the first 2 super bowls?

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Quiz topic: Do I know anything about football?