Old school or new school Seahawks?

There are two types of Seahawks fans in the world: loud fans and louder fans. Actually there are more types than just those, and a couple of those types are Old School and New School fans. The Old School fans hearken back to the old AFC West, when the Raiders and Broncos and Chiefs and Chargers were the most hated and feared teams in the league. New School fans are at home in the NFC West, where the division rivals are the 49ers, the Rams and the Cardinals.

So which one are you? Do you miss Zorn to Largent, or would you rather see Hasselbeck slinging passes? Is it Holmgren or Knox? Is the old logo just too cool, or just too sad looking? Take the quiz and find out.

Created by: SeahawkSailor

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  1. First of all, the obvious: New logo or old logo?
  2. Now the stadium. Qwest Field or the Kingdome?
  3. Training camp: Renton or Cheney?
  4. Most hated Bay Area team: Raiders or 49ers?
  5. Most hated team from Missouri: St. Louis or Kansas City?
  6. Most gratifying insulting nickname: Donks or Tards?
  7. Biggest travesty in Seahawks history: SBXL* or Ken Behring?
  8. Ok, sorry about that. Joey Galloway or Steve Hutchinson?
  9. Yea, I know. That was a little low as well. On to better and brighter things. Helmets: Silver or blue?
  10. Favorite back: Shaun Alexander or Curt Warner?
  11. Favorite quarterback: Hasselbeck, Kreig, or Zorn?
  12. Greatest coach: Mike Holmgren or Chuck Knox?
  13. Games you dread the most: high elevation or Eastern Time Zone?
  14. Number eighty: Largent or Rice?
  15. Biggest first round bust: Dan McGwire or Koren Robinson?
  16. Favorite defensive player drafted from a Los Angeles college: Kenny Easley or Lofa Tatupu?
  17. Most feared opposing quarterback in his prime: Elway or Bulger?
  18. Stuff falling to the stadium floor: Ceiling tiles or rain and snow?

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