Can you survive school or school again?

There are people who can survive school and others who need to try again over and over again just to survive. Which one are you? Will you live or get eaten away by memories that just well kill you! SO it is VERY important to take this quiz.

So... CAN you survive school the way it is TODAY???? Not twenty years ago... NOW! Take my quiz and see if you can survive school! I will be having a surprise at the end! *you: MUFFUNS?* *me: what uh SURE MUFFINS! wtf* yes the surprise is worth MUFFINS!!! *fake smile*

Created by: Geni
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  1. A Prep/Jock walks up to YOU and says in a mean way,"I am soo much better than you because I am dating the HOTTEST girl/guy in school and YOU are not soo HA!" Your reaction is to...
  2. A bully steals your lunch for no reason at all. Your reaction is to...
  3. your teacher starts yapping on some stupid subject what do you do?
  4. What would you do if the principal dressed in drag?
  5. Some BITTCH decides to start a food fight with the CRAPPY food in the cafeteria. You...
  6. The Foriegn exchange student came in today and called you a FREAKIN RETARD in 6 different langueges. You...
  7. Your cellphone rings in the middle of class. You...
  8. You somehow gain spidey-pig powers by drinking the spidey-pig potion. How do you use them?
  9. Valentines Dance!! How would you ask someone out?
  10. It is the last day of school... What would you do to celebrate!
  11. LAST QUESTION!!!! How many friends do you have?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive school or school again?