Is Your School Reaching Its Impact Potential? Give It A Grade Now

Schools are possibly one of society's most important institutions. Everybody has had to go to school at some point, so everybody in a given community has been influenced by their school experience some way or another. Keeping this in mind, it's important to recognize that school is a resource, a tool for those who attend it, and for a community.

A school has tremendous ability to shape the leadership, citizenship, and social awareness of its students. A school and its students also have the potential to positively impact their communities. Is your school meeting it's 'Community Impact Potential'? Check out the following list and check 'yes' or 'no' beside each item to give your school a grade!

Created by: ME3Amber

  1. If social issues are discussed in my classes, I am comfortable sharing an alternate or possibly conflicting opinion with the teacher or class.
  2. If I wanted to take on a service project or lead a service club, I feel confident that a teacher or school administrator would help me.
  3. I personally feel like my teachers value volunteering and helping the community.
  4. I personally feel like other school staff members and administrators value volunteering and helping the community.
  5. I personally feel like my peers and fellow students value volunteering and helping the community.
  6. I can name at least two of the service-related clubs at my school.
  7. I can explain what at least a few of the service-related clubs do if asked.
  8. I have learned about at least one social issue that affects our community, the nation, or the world through school.
  9. If I wanted to find a volunteer opportunity or a way to help the community through my school, I know exactly who I'd talk to or where to go.
  10. My school has service-related clubs.
  11. My friends know where to find volunteer opportunities in our school.
  12. I can sign up for volunteer opportunities at a computer or in an office located right in my school.
  13. My school has 'service-learning' classes available.
  14. There are service clubs at my school that don't have any requirements to join, such as paying membership dues, having a high GPA, or being in a certain class.
  15. I have been on a field trip to a local charity office or center with one or more of my classes.
  16. We sometimes have speakers from local charities come in to discuss their causes in our classes.
  17. There is a class, workshop, or after-school seminar available to us that teaches about leadership in the community at our school.
  18. At least one of my classes has engaged in a service project as a group.
  19. Our school has announcements or news that occasionally mention volunteer opportunities.
  20. In my classes, we learn about and/or discuss social issues and problems affecting our community and/or the world.
  21. If I wanted to start up my own community service club at school, I would know what the process involves.
  22. We have a section in our school library with information or books devoted to social issues, volunteering, and/or charity.
  23. My school has a staff person or a volunteer whose job is to help students find volunteer opportunities or learn more about volunteering in the community.
  24. I frequently see posters or fliers around school related to volunteering/community service or a social cause.
  25. My school recognizes and promotes national days/weeks of service such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, Earth Day, or National Volunteer Week and I personally have heard/seen these promotions.
  26. My school uses recycled or "green" paper products.
  27. When a student in my school volunteers, they are recognized or honored by our school in some fashion.
  28. If one of my peers has done something delinquent in school, having to complete some hours of community service is one way he might be punished.
  29. My school provides us with information about scholarships, contests, or grants that you can win by doing community service or volunteering.
  30. Information about how and where to vote is given to students in my school once they turn 18.
  31. My school has a system of testing students on their civic and social issues knowledge in addition to our math or language knowledge.
  32. Getting more students in our school involved in volunteering is a topic on my school's Student Council agenda.
  33. My school has recycling bins for us to put our cans, bottles, paper, and other recyclables in.
  34. My school has food options in the cafeteria that are health-conscious.
  35. Information about jobs and internships students can apply for in the non-profit/charity sector is available in our school's career center or administrative offices.
  36. I personally would feel comfortable going to a counselor, teacher, or school administrator to ask for information about volunteer opportunities or starting my own service club.
  37. I personally would feel comfortable joining an available service club.
  38. I have been offered extra credit in a class to volunteer in a way that is related to what we are learning. (Examples: Learning about animals and volunteering at a local animal preservation, etc.)
  39. My school provides information about available student volunteer opportunities to our parents.
  40. My school has a student club 'fair' during which school service clubs and volunteer opportunities are promoted.

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