How Old-School Are You?

How Old School are you, really? By Old School, of course, being self centered, we mean "how much of the 80's and 90's do you remember, miss, and still wish were here?"

Find out exactly how Old School you are. Do you remember the bands, the trends, the styles, and the attitude of the decades before pop music sucked us all under? Find out by taking this super-fun-alicious quiz!

Created by: amazon
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  1. East Coast or West Coast
  2. New Coke or Pepsi Clear
  3. Transformers or GoBots
  4. Best Grunge Band Ever!
  5. Hottest Thing in High School
  6. Dancing?
  7. Super NES or Sega Genesis?
  8. Hotter? Belinda Carlisle or Susanna Hoffs?
  9. Metal Band?
  10. Gangsta Rap?
  11. Jeans?
  12. Scrunchie, Banana Clip, Barrett, or Hair Tie?
  13. Breakfast Cereal?
  14. Friday Night?
  15. Name the Marijuana
  16. Last but not least... paper or plastic

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Quiz topic: How Old-School am I?