There are two types of hip-hop fans in this world. Old School and New School. Where do you fall? Are you constantly on your grind - or chillaxin at your Mommas house? Take the quiz now!

Do you think you have what it takes to enter the world of hip-hop and see where you fall? Old school or New school - take the quiz now! Are you Biggie or 50? Nas or Nelly?

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  1. When you think New York, you think...
  2. You've got a huge house party to go to, what do you wear?
  3. If somebody asks you what your favorite of the 4 elements are, you would say
  4. Who is the godfather of hip-hop?
  5. Ice T and Soulja Boy are beefin - who do you think is right?
  6. You're headed to the club - what is more important?
  7. When you think Jadakiss, you think...
  8. Who is a hotter DJ
  9. You've got to buy one West Coast Album, who do you buy
  10. White Rappers Need Love to...who is your fav?

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