How much of a School Boffin are you?

There are many smart people and dumb people with the odd Boffin. Boffin, is after all quite school addicted and someone who knows everything about Maths and English and maybe the PH scale off by heart! Anyway are you a school boffin?

Are you a SCHOOL BOFFIN? Do you have a mathematical side of the brain. You need brainpower to complete this, do not worry though, there are no number questions that need your brain working so hard.

Created by: Oscar Moore of Sozzy Ozzy (Piczo)
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What type of school do you attend to?
  2. What is your favourite Subject?
  3. How many hours a WEEK do you spend doing project homework?
  4. Do you pay attention in lessons?
  5. Do you have to complete all homework before leisure or recreation time?
  6. Do you wear school uniform?
  7. When it is Non-Uniform, do you wear school uniform anyway?
  8. When on school trips, do you stick near the tutor?
  9. Out of the following, what would you categorise yourself...
  10. Do you stay after school to do coursework or extra homework?
  11. In Maths, for every question issued, do you raise your hand to give the answer?
  12. Do you use Nerd Language such as for Mat you say "The flattered material uncondensed floor covering"?

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Quiz topic: How much of a School Boffin am I?