WHat type of high school should you attend?

There are four main types of high school you can choose to attned:public, private, home, or magnet schools.Each has pros and cons which makes the school what it is.

The following quiz will help shed light on which school is best for you.Because every schoolbenefits different personalities in different ways. So go forth and find your calling.

Created by: Kayla
  1. Choose one...
  2. Wha type of income does your family have?
  3. which of the following could you never live without at school?
  4. what type of learner are you?
  5. Do you test well?
  6. Are you highly involved in extra-curricular activities?
  7. What class size would you prefer?
  8. Do you care about racial diversity in your class?
  9. What word best described you?
  10. Is teacher interaction vital to your learning process?

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Quiz topic: WHat type of high school should I attend?