Will you survive a zombie apocolyps

Lots of people have tried but you either did even more crap then them or better but if you did crap start googling or reading books so you will survive.

f you survived you did great or at least live the longest but you might of came to a end but hay you did better then some crappy people so got and live.

Created by: Jackson

  1. What is the best weapon to kill a zombie
  2. A hord or zombies is walking up your street killing every body they see or smell what do you do
  3. Were do you shoot a zombie to kill it.
  4. You and a group of survivors driving along a underground tunnel and then your car brakes down and some zombies are coming what do you do in 3 minutes.
  5. Your in a skyscrapper and zombies are coming up and your bye your self what do you do at the top.
  6. Does a zombie scratch turn you.
  7. How would the zombie apocalypse start
  8. What would be your vehicle of choice
  9. What would you take with you
  10. Were would you set up
  11. Who would you take with you
  12. Would you kill a family member is they were infected
  13. What would be your group size
  14. Are you

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Quiz topic: Will I survive a zombie apocolyps