Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

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I absolutely hate the paragraph rule. Don't you? It sucks. This is all crap. You're wasting time reading this. Scroll down. Now. Just scroll down and take the quiz.

Please. Do it. For your health. SCROLL DOWN, STUPID ONE!!!! Do you have listening issues, or what? Just stop reading this. Trust me. You're wasting time.

Created by: Kata

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  1. You hear on the news that a disfiguring virus has transformed infected into cannibalistic animals. You....
  2. The virus that was announced last week has now gone airborne. Half the country has died or become infected. You.....
  3. Six months later, the apocalypse has taken full effect. Your supplies are running low but the nearest place to get food is an hour away on foot.
  4. A year after the first announced virus broke out, you and a small convoy of friends, neighbors, and family come across a small yet Undead infested city that also has untouched supplies. You......
  5. Skip the rest of the questions.
  6. Blahblahblahblahblahblah.....
  7. Why are you still taking this quiz?
  9. You're an Undead, aren't you?!
  10. *Shoots full of holes* HA!

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