Another Zombie Quiz

This is my first quiz, so don't be disappointed if it isn't that good. I just wanted to do this and see what people think and get responses back about this. I didn't go in too deep about this subject. I will let any criticisms decide that. However, I feel that my next quiz will be much more detailed and will have many harder questions and maybe force some people to make critical thinking choices.

Will you survive a zombie apocalypse? Take this quiz and find out! You can't afford not to!If you don't, you may never if you will truly be able to survive, or just be another statistic. If you don't take it, you probably won't lose any sleep about it. But still, it's pretty fun to do and only takes maybe one minute. Thanks.

Created by: Steve
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  1. You are on the third floor of your apartment complex when you hear screams outside. People are being attacked and eaten outside by zombies. You have four of your best friends with you when something starts hitting your door. You know that your cheap apartment door won't stand up to that for much longer, what do you do?
  2. The zombies have burst through your door right as you are escaping. Where do you go now?
  3. On the way to your chosen destination, you hole in an abandoned house to catch your breath. While snooping around, one of your friends finds a gun safe. After opening it, you find a good selection of guns. Which one would you choose?
  4. Likewise, which pistol would you most likely choose?
  5. How much ammunition would you attempt to carry for your new weapons?
  6. If you have the opportunity, would you choose to carry a sword?
  7. On the way to your destination, your come across another survivor group. They are five girls, and three guys. What do you do?
  8. You finally reach your destination, what do you do now?
  9. You and your group are now at your destination, but would like to form an escape plan should something bad happens. If you could choose any type of escape vehicle, which would you choose?
  10. Bad stuff happens. It turns out you have to leave your new home. Where would you go?

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