Real Zombie survival

This quiz is about what's your chances of suriviol if there were a Zombie Attack. Take this quiz and see how you would score against the Zombie Flood.

Are a Zombie survivalist? Do you have what it takes to survive? Take this test and Find out how you would score against the Zombie Flood. Will you Survive!!!

Created by: jeramy Wykert

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  1. Where would be the safest place to be during a zombie attack?
  2. Do you Have a zombie plan?
  3. If you were surrounded by zombies and only had a pumpaction shotgun and only 10 bullits what would you do?
  4. If you and 9 other people were dropped of on a island flooded with zombies and were given the choose of one of these care packages which would you choose?
  5. Looking back at Q: 9 how would you interact with these other people?
  6. Which is the best methoid of killing a Zombie?
  7. Which meleo weopon whould you have?
  8. In a worst case sacenario what would you do if a loved one had been bitten?
  9. Do you think Zombies are real?
  10. What would be your first reaction to a zombie attack?

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