Machy The Rubbish Fotballer's quiz

Do you think you are BRILLIANT at football facts. Find out here on the greatest football quiz ever made. Are You local standard or International! So come take the quiz and go against your friends. Are you the best or are they

In a few minutes you could be named a brilliant football fact maniac. Will you be the best in the world? Will you be the worst, hopefully not. Good luck and have fun.

Created by: Alex

  1. When a penalty is awarded what will happen if the goalkeeper comes off his line?
  2. What is awarded if a players boot falls off by accident and he then scores?
  3. What amount of players must a team have to play a match?
  4. what happens if the ball goes in from a throw in?
  5. Were must the ball be positioned on a corner?
  6. Is it OK to leave the field of play when celebrating a goal?
  7. What then happens if the player climbs on the perimeter fence while celebrating a goal?
  8. How wide must all lines not be more than?
  9. How many spots are on a football pitch?
  10. What happens if the ball pops?

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