Footy-Fanzone Quiz

This Is a Very Hard Quiz If You Know A Lot about Football Take if you Dont Take It Anyway You Never Know You Could Be The Unsung Hero or Do Rubbish and Get Zero Haha, Im A Poet And I Didnt Know It

Are You A Legend Or A Sunday League Benchwarmer? Until now You Could Only Wonder But Now This Quiz is here you will know for sure. As Footy-Fanzone Present The Footy-Fanzone Quiz. Good Luck

Created by: Footy-Fanzone
  1. Who Scored The First Ever Premiership Goal
  2. Who Is The Youngest Goal Scorer In Premiership History
  3. Who was The Premierships Oldest Player
  4. Who Was The Tallest Ever Premiership Player
  5. Who Was The 5th Scorer At The New Wembley
  6. Which Football Team Is Closest To The River Mersey
  7. Who has Won The European Cup More Times Than The Top League In There Country
  8. Who Was The Last Manager To Lead There Team Out At The Old Wembley
  9. When Did Bobby Moore Score His Last Goal?
  10. The Last Player To Score A Hat-trick at the Old Wembley

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