SPL footy flight quiz

This quiz is about Scottish football. It contains questions about the Scottish League. If you know a lot about Scottish football, you will have no difficulty with the questions. But beware! Some of the questions are quite tricky. You will require specialist knowledge.

Some of the questions are about the League and some are about the players. You will also need to know about the stadiums and the locations of the various teams.It helps if you know about the managers and the colours of the strips.

Created by: Awa
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  1. Which football team in the SPL begins with an A ?
  2. Name the Romanian player Celtic signed in summer 08 ?
  3. Dundee Utd play in what colour home strip ?
  4. Falkirk have a star midfielder from Trinidad & Tobago but what is his name ?
  5. Hearts top scorer from Czech Republic in 06 who played in midfield was ?
  6. Hibs have rivalry to which club from Edinburgh ?
  7. Invernss have what animal on there badge ?
  8. Kilmarnock former attacking midfielder who moved to Rangers was called ?
  9. motherwell play in what stadium ?
  10. motherwell play in what stadium ?
  11. Rangers manager in 08 is who ?
  12. St Mirren captain in 07 was Andy Millen but how old was he when he retired ?

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