How well do you know rugby league?

People like you may watch or play rugby league, but there is a very little percentage of people who know anything about it. This quiz is designed to challenge your perception on how well you think you know NRL.

A simple test, not to hard, 25 questions which could rank you amongst the 'Harry Moore Local Footy' gods. So next time you come to watch or play at one of games, people will chant your name as a hero, or laugh, taunt and mock your low, low score. Take the test, do it for the team.

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  1. Who were the minor premiers in 2005?
  2. The 2008 leading point scorer for the Bulldogs was?
  3. The Brisbane Broncos first premiership was in?
  4. The Canberra Raiders club emblem is?
  5. The North Queensland Cowboys were established in?
  6. At the end of the 2008 regular season where on the ladder did the Manly Sea Eagles end?
  7. The Melbourne Storm colours are?
  8. Which famous Newcastle Knights star retired at the end of 2008?
  9. Beginning in 1908 there was a team in Glebe, what were they called?
  10. The greatest ever win occurred in 1935 with the Dragons thumping the Bulldogs. What was the score?
  11. In what year was the only scoreless game ever recorded. Between the Newtown Jets and Canterbury Bulldogs.
  12. In 1998 which team was down 26-0 at halftime to make the greatest ever recorded comeback and defeat the Panthers 36-28
  13. The last Parramatta Eels premiership was in?
  14. Luke Lewis, of the Penrith Panthers was born in
  15. Last premiership won by the Cronulla Sharks was
  16. What outstanding record do the South Sydney Rabbitohs hold?
  17. The St.George Dragons merged with the Illawarra...?
  18. Which of the following is not true about the Sydney Roosters 2008 season?
  19. The New Zealand Warriors play at what stadium?
  20. In which city is the Grand Final played every second year?
  21. The 2007 state of origin winners were?
  22. How many premierships have the Wests Tigers won under their merger with the Wests Magpies in 2000?
  23. The first major sponsor of the league's new club the Gold Coast Titans is who?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know rugby league?