The Strikeout Quiz

Jake Peavy had 17 strikeouts, including nine consecutive strikeouts, one short of the major league record, against the Arizona Diamondbacks. For that he was named GOST's Top Performer of The Week for April 23-29, 2007.

To commemorate his strikeout prowess, we created a quiz celebrating the lore of the strikeout in Major League Baseball. The quiz is ten questions long, testing to see how well do you know the strikeout records held in Major League Baseball. Good luck!

Created by: astros
  1. The modern major league record (1901-present) for strikeouts recorded by a pitcher in a season:
  2. Nolan Ryan might be the all time strikeouts leader, but he trails three pitchers in career strikeouts per nine innings. Which of these players is NOT one of the players he trails?
  3. Name the only player in major league history to have four strikeouts in a single inning (based on the dropped strike rule)
  4. While 20 strikeouts remain the record for a regulation game, it is 21 strikeouts that is the record for a single game, extra innings included. Who holds the record?
  5. This player is the all time leader in career strikeouts per nine innings:
  6. As of 2007, there are three players that have more than 2,000 of their at bats end in a strike out. Name the only active player with over 2,000 strikeouts.
  7. As of 2007 there are only three players that are in the top five in strikeouts per nine innings in a single season. Which of the following players is not one of those three?
  8. The most popular slang for a player that strike outs five times in a game is
  9. What year did was the baseball rule was implemented for one season that there were four strikes in a strikeout?
  10. The all time major league baseball record -- pre-modern Major Leagues and modern Major Leagues was set by Matt Kilroy. How many strikeouts did he record in the 1886 season?

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