Baseball Trivia

This quiz is for our little league team, The Majors Indians, to test their mental strengths in the areas of history, comedy, and lingo. The questions are made to be easy, so iff you fail, it is like a strikeout. Good luck everyone.

After you take the quiz you will be put into categories based on your overall score. The categories range from Strike-out to Homerun. Lets see how many runs we can score!

Created by: Webb
  1. What team did Barry Bonds' Dad play for?
  2. How many Major League Baseball Teams have an animal for a mascot?
  3. How many Major League Baseball Teams have a bird as their mascot?
  4. Who famously said: "If you see a fork in the road, take it?"
  5. Who is the current all-time home run champion?
  6. What does the baseball term 'Ace' mean?
  7. Who's baseball card sold for $1.2 Million last month at a card auction?
  8. What teams won the most World Series in it's history with 27?
  9. What does the term 'battery' mean in baseball?
  10. If someone says, "Give them some chin music" in baseball, it would mean:
  11. The baseball term 'fireman' refers to who?
  12. The term hook means:

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