How well do you know the rules of Major League Baseball?

All the time we find people in the nosebleed section of the bleachers who think they have a better idea of what is a ball and what is a strike than the umpire directly behind the catcher... These kind of people tend to know even less about the rules... Are you one of these people? Lets find out!

Do YOU know the Official Rules of Major League Baseball? Is your whining and complaining towards the umpires calling your favorite team warranted, or do you have no idea what you are talking about?

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  1. Runners on first and third, one out. Fly ball to right field is caught by the right fielder. Runner from third tags and scores. Runner from first fails to tag up and is doubled off first base after the run crosses the plate.
  2. Runner on first base, no outs. Runner is off with the pitch attempting to steal second base. The batter swings and lunges over the plate, hindering the catchers attempt to throw out the runner trying to steal second base.
  3. Runners on second and third, one out. Runner from third base is picked off and ends up in a run down. While the runner from third gets in a pickle, the runner from second advances to third. They eventually chase the runner in the pickle back into third.
  4. Runner on second base two outs. Base hit into shallow left field. The runner decides to round third and attempt to score. Upon doing so, he runs into the third baseman, causing him to stop running. The left fielder throws to the catcher, who tags him out.
  5. Runner on second base, two outs. Batter hits a sharp line drive into left field. The left fielder attempts to stop the ball by throwing his glove at it, and is successful in doing so. He then throws the batter runner out at second.
  6. Runner at first, one out. Taylor made double play ball is hit to short. Shortstop flips to the second baseman for the force, and in his haste to turn the double play flings the ball just behind second as the runner slides through the base, taking him out.
  7. The two legal pitching positions are the Windup Position and the Stretch Position.
  8. Runners on First and Third, one out. Sharp line drive is hit to the shortstop, who appears to catch the ball but then quickly drops it. He flips to the second baseman for the force and the second baseman throws to first for the double play.
  9. Runners on First and Third, one out. The pitcher disengages the rubber and errantly attempts to throw to first base to pick off the runner. His throw goes into the stands.
  10. The batting order is Perry, Smith, then Wright. After Perry reaches base, Wright comes to the plate and has strike one called on him. The manager of the other team brings it to the plate umpires attention that it is supposed to be Smith's turn at bat.

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