Premiership know it all?

The Premiership is a tough place. To be at the top, you have to have ability, you have to work hard and be consistent. The same can be said of the Premiership Know It All quiz. Just how much do you know about the English Premier League? What will your score be?

Are you a Premiership know it all? Could you top the league by showing good levels of knowledge and consistency? How much do you know about one of the worlds toughest and most entertaining leagues? Lets find out.......

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  1. When did the Premiership first kick off?
  2. Who were the first winners of the Premiership?
  3. In 1996, Newcastle United broke the world transfer record to sign which player?
  4. In which year did Arsene Wenger join Arsenal?
  5. Teddy Sheringham signed for which club in 2001?
  6. Arsenal's Emirates stadium has a crowd capacity of how many?
  7. In 1996, David Beckham famously scored from the half way line against which club?
  8. From which club did Nicolas Anelka join Arsenal from?
  9. Who is the Premiership's current highest goal scorer with 260 goals?
  10. Who scored the first ever Premiership goal?
  11. David Moyes joined Everton from Which club?
  12. Who scored the Premiership's first hat-trick?
  13. How many clubs played in the Premiership when it was first created?
  14. Who became the most expensive British footballer in history when he moved to Manchester United in 2002?
  15. Former Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, lost how many home games when in charge of Chelsea?

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